About us

The window cleaning revolution is here.

It’s time for a change in the window cleaning business. It’s time to make the whole process more convenient for everyone involved.

At Osha Clean we bring together busy people who need their windows cleaned with reliable local window cleaners who are looking for more business.

With our instant online booking and payment system, customers now have a really convenient way to arrange either a one-off or regular clean. And local window cleaners receive bookings from new customers who want their windows cleaned. It really is as simple as that.

And because we handle all payments securely online, no cash has to change hands.

We’re amazed no one has done this before.

How it all started

Louise and Mark Stevenson

The idea for Osha Clean was born in 2016 when founders Louise and Mark Stevenson couldn’t find a window cleaner for their new home. Whilst a google search came up with plenty of options locally, several phone calls later still no one had come back to take the job.

They asked friends and family for recommendations but it soon became clear that they weren’t the only people struggling to get their windows cleaned. They heard tales of homes with dirty windows that hadn’t been cleaned in years, and families who had moved into new homes ‘inheriting’ window cleaners that they didn’t know anything about until they were on the doorstep requesting payment.

With a large family and busy lives, Louise and Mark wanted to find a simpler, more convenient way to get their windows cleaned.

Partnering with local businesses

Over the next months they developed a simple website and secure booking system and built a network of friendly, reliable, local window cleaners across the UK. The window cleaners working with Osha Clean are all established and insured and most of them now provide the latest water-fed pole systems. Osha Clean is not a franchise, nor is it a national company trying to put local window cleaners out of work. Our ethos is to support and partner with local window cleaning companies and many of the companies we work with are keen to build their rounds with the help of Osha Clean.

Supported by Virgin StartUp

A bright idea supported by Virgin StartUp


We’re very proud to be supported by Virgin StartUp! Virgin StartUp is the not-for-profit Virgin company for entrepreneurs. They provide government-backed Start Up Loans and one-to-one business advice and mentoring.

In November 2016, Virgin StartUp featured Osha Clean as their StartUp of the Week! Read more about Osha Clean’s exciting week in the national Virgin spotlight!


Our StartUp home in Hereford

We love our hometown of Hereford and we’re proud to be a Hereford-based startup company.

We might be based in Hereford, but the window cleaners we work with are all over the United Kingdom, covering postcodes from London to Okehampton and Launceston, from Leeds to Preston, from Gloucester to Cardiff. More and more window cleaning services are joining us every day so we’re working hard to be able to offer customers a window cleaning service across the whole of the United Kingdom.  If we’re not in your area yet, we hopefully will be very soon!